ActionEducate is the parent company of AllyEducate, DiversityEducate, and VapeEduate. Our main objective is to help students, families, communities, and schools maintain positive, healthy, and successful environments while improving relationships.

VapeEducate, a highly used and successful program, grew immensely in its use among schools. Over 50,000 low-cost courses have been issued to students throughout the world. VapeEducate is a proven tool to help educate today’s youth about the hazards of vaping. The program helps keep students in school.

Our goal is to work with schools to determine what additional tools they need to help students. We listen to our customers and aim to meet their needs. Over the years, many customers suggest programs that would benefit their needs. Due to high customer demand, ActionEducate has released two new courses, AllyEducate and DiversityEducate. These courses were designed with students in mind to help guide them through challenging issues they face.

The main objective of these courses is to keep children in school! Restorative justice programs emphasize education over suspension. It is our hope that students will walk away from our programs having learned something and have the tools in their pocket to maneuver through different situations they may face. ActionEducate programs are meant to create open conversations among students, parents, teachers, and school administrators. Some schools use these courses to minimize suspension by keeping the students in school learning. Students can take the course during the day or at home, so they are still attending classes and not missing out on other learning opportunities.

Who can learn from this program?

ActionEducate courses are all web-based courses that require no additional software.  Originally designed to be completed by middle and high school students, Actioneducate courses have also been adopted by parents,  juvenile courts, libraries, and community organizations.

AllyEducate course topics include (Spanish version is available):

DiversityEducate course topics (Spanish version is available):

VapeEducate course topics include (Spanish version is available):

Each course is comprised of a series of lessons. Lessons contain important information about each topic. Short quizzes are built into each lesson for students to actively participate and recall information presented to them. At the end of each unit, students are required to take assessments. Students must receive at least 80% in order to successfully complete each unit and move on to the next lesson. Final results are then emailed in real-time to the principal, administrator, parent, or community group administering the program.

If you are a parent, looking to purchase this course for your child

If you are a teacher, school administrator, health organization, or community group looking to purchase this course for your students