ActionEducate is helping families, communities, and schools keep positive environments and improve the relationship between children and young adults.

ActionEducate is the parent company of VapeEducate, AllyEducate and DiversityEducate.

We can help you teach young adults.

Improving the Lives of our Youth

ActionEducate provides three immersive courses designed to address major concerns experienced by our youth. DiversityEducate, AllyEducate, and VapeEducate are all courses used by schools and parents to inform and teach students about important issues.

Vaping is a major concern for parents, school administrators, and community members. Just when teenagers no longer think smoking is cool, vaping and e-cigarette use has skyrocketed. VapeEducate can help inform our country’s youth to prevent the next big health crisis.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships in the lives of our youth is critical. AllyEducate provides tools for young adults to make a difference in aspects of their lives related to bullying and harassment while establishing positive academic and social climates.

Going to school, living in a community, and working with others require the development of positive relationships. These relationships often need to be formed with people that come from different backgrounds. DiversityEducate helps schools and communities create climates conducive to educational communities.

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